February 8, 2018

Department Of Ability

Born To Be Different. Born To Save The World.

 The Department Of Ability are the most original, fearless, imaginative superheroes ever created. Originally inspired by the lack of decent visible disability in the media. These five groundbreaking heroes have now grown into something demanded and adored by a ready audience worldwide. A once small concept now stands as perhaps the biggest game changer in the history of publishing!

It’s core story of action, fun, drama and imagination is readily accessible to all children. Even the grown up ones.

  1. Pawsy
  2. Emily
  3. Claypole
  4. Billy
  5. Azzi

We even have a theme tune written and performed by Calling Utopia

What people are saying about the D.O.A

Scope About Disability Logo

“Many parents tell us it’s important for their disabled children to see characters they can identify with because it builds their confidence, self-esteem and the feeling of being included in society. That’s why we love Department of Ability and support their aim to get more disabled heroes into the mainstream! “

Scope About Disability Logo
Jennifer Urwin
Senior Digital Community & Social Media Officer Scope

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