February 25, 2021

Department Of Ability Comic

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It has finally arrived! The Department of Ability are here! ...This special edition one off comic contains the first 44 pages of the mammoth 230 page graphic novel that I have been working on for three years now. This is a teaser bound in comic book form!

This first chapter introduces you into the world of Earths most original, dysfunctional, unique Superheroes!!!! Heroes that are for ALL children, young and old!

By buying this comic you get to know all the characters and their powers! With great power comes great DisAbility!

Please can you share this comic, talk about this comic! Shout about this comic! The rest of the story is being coloured and lettered as we speak and by seeing this special edition comic become a success. The promised land of a publishing deal gets closer! Plus you get to see what happens next!

What does the mysterious device do? What or who is Phantomass? What has the London Eye and an invading force of aliens have in common? Who was Claypole the ghost? Why does the worlds first female president remain unsure of Emily? And what was the secret past of Emily’s grandad…?

To find out, please help spread the word!

1 million children in the UK are disabled, 93 million worldwide. All children deserve to see themselves represented in the medias they enjoy. Disability has for too long been forgotten or stereotyped and with The Department of Ability we can maybe change all this!

I hope you enjoy this action-packed piece of comic history! Without your support this dream would be nothing, thank you! People across the world have been so patient with me, waiting and watching for something to get hold of… and here it is!!!

So, saddle up. Let’s Roll and dive into the much-anticipated opening salvo of …

The Department of Ability

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